Happy Clients


I contacted Asher about a harmonium appt. I was not sure about what to expect. It was incredible! I felt so open afterward. It was a feeling I’ve never had before ❤️thank you Ashe

— Wendy Daly

If you're looking for balance with yourself and or with life itself, this is the place to go. The things I have learned with Naam Yoga (Shakti Naam), and Harmonyum Healing, have taught me positive self reflection and I have learned to bring forth what I want for myself. These modalities are priceless. I pray you give yourself the gift of Love, Light, and peace.

— Stacey Buchanan

I've had great experiences here. I have really been able to connect with myself and experience harmony in a safe space. Highly recommended.

— Hailey buchanan

Always follow your heart, the light will be with you.
— Dr. Joseph Michael Levry